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So apparently the site was purchased by pinboard and no longer permits saving of links. I used it to keep track of fills and of my AUs/on-going stories, particularly the ones off [ profile] comment_fic, and without it, I'm worried about losing links to the fills. Does anyone know of a similar type website that is free to use?
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Filmed my last task for my pathology class today. I'm hoping it's passable; I'll be spending the weekend getting the editing done and the jump drive ready to mail to my prof. Fingers crossed, I'll get out of this class with a passing video and my sanity intact.

My goddaughter's birthday party was last weekend, but her 1st birthday is Saturday. Not sure what I'll wind up doing, but I imagine when I start to lose my grip on reality, I'll head over there with a small gift.

I've felt some vague desire to write the last few days. Not SGA, but NCIS: someone going over to Gibbs' house, finding the door locked and peering through a window to see a new TV secured to the wall with an array of kids' toys on the floor. New couch, baby gates, etc. I think my brain has latched onto all the 'Gibbs raises Tony' stories and turned it into a more... canon compliant Gibbs/Tony + Tali. Then I pull out a scrap of paper while I do the records scanning at work (scanner is in the kennel and out of sight of my coworkers) and my brain goes, "Erm, maybe later." Frustrating, that, but it might come spilling out once the stress of the semester is over.

As for fic, I've had the attention span of a pez candy this week and haven't read much, let alone written. We'll see what Saturday brings, but I have gotten back to commenting on the fic prompt comms I follow. I try to remember to check the LJ app before morning appointments; I'm going to have to remember to charge up the Kindle so I can have it for my lunch break. (Which... anyone have some book recs? I've been re-reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter when I can get myself to focus.)

Chester... I'm still feeling sad when I think about him, still not interested in listening to anything but Linkin Park on repeat. That, too, has been why I'm having trouble getting focused. But I know, as with the time after my brother passed, it ebbs.
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The semester started in January and I have to admit, this time around, I am a horrible procrastinator. Normally I work ahead, so that I don't have to panic over tests or assignments, but I think because the video for Clin Path is wiping the floor with me, my anxiety has transmuted into apathy. I'm still chugging along, thankfully, but this is why I've been MIA from DW/LJ for the last few weeks.

I am, however, halfway done with my video and I'm actually doing B-level work in A&P (which I'll take despite wanting an A), so I can finally divert my attention from "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT CELL?" to fandom again. I should probably focus on my apartment some, but, well...

Unfortunately, I won't be making the Romancing McShep deadline. I do plan to hold onto the prompts and continue working on the fills until I can eventually post them to AO3, but with tomorrow being the final posting day, I won't make it. But I do have fills of the [ profile] comment_fic kind:

Deaged AU (Jack/Sam, The boys)
Any, Any, Magic Dance (David Bowie)
Author's Choice, any ensemble, arguing over who gets to pick the film for group movie night
Stargate Atlantis, Rodney McKay, despite his preference for airline food and MREs, he's actually quite proficient in the kitchen

NASA AU (John/Rodney)
Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Rodney taking care of sick John

Before I Sleep AU (Past John/Rodney, John & Rodney)
Stargate Multiverse, Any,

The distance is what’s killing me
Time and space have become the enemy

(Hot Chelle Rae)

Lemony AU (John/Rodney)
Stargate Atlantis, Sheppard/McKay, kitchen staff didn't notify of lemon in the food

Post-Series (John/Rodney)
Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay,

I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel

Those three words
Are said too much
They're not enough

(Snow Patrol)

MCU (Steve/Bucky)
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, You Are My Once In A Lifetime

Skyfall (James Bond/Q)
Any, Any m/m, "And... and much as it grieves me to say it, it... it might be that the people I love is, in fact... you."
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Political related stuff. )

And then there's this app I found. )

I did 2 fills today on [ profile] comment_fic. One HP (Harry/Hermione/Draco), one SG Multiverse (Deaged AU). I've got a few more prompts I'd like to get something written for this week, plus some additional work on the 007 AU. I still need to look at the [ profile] romancingmcshep prompts for something additional to work on (also back up in case the AU does to me what Catalyst did to me last year and turns into a monster that I barely finished on time).

I've slowed down posting prompts a bit, which I blame on how tired I was last week from work. I intend to get back in the habit this week since things look like they'll be a bit better: one of our vets is on a month-long vacation to Australia & New Zealand and there's only so much covering the other two vets can do, so like as not, we'll have the opportunity to take days off/leave early. It'll give me time for the comm and for homework which I definitely will need this semester.

Follow up on cats: strawberry mint tea when sapped out of a rug onto a towel with white stripes looks like cat pee and smells just enough like it to question your sanity. Both of my terrors (boy & girl) are fine, thankfully, despite having a mama who can be tricked by tea.


19 Dec 2016 11:28 am
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Well, I think it is. It's up to 4300-ish words, 18 pages in Google Docs, and will require a lot of coding on my part to get things formatted the way I want it.

However, I'm having a hard time stopping myself. I honestly had expected to be finished Saturday night and thought I was, but kept writing into Sunday and now, I'm still not sure. I feel like there's questions left and I'm trying to edit/write a better ending to make it all tie up nicely. I'm simply so used to writing multi-part stories that a one shot is rare and difficult for me to do without feeling like it's disjointed. I do like the plot of it though, and it gives me entirely too many ideas on how I'd continue it if it were a 'verse. (It did eat up one of my other universes though. *sadface*)

I am entirely too proud of the fact that I wrote that many words in what amounts to three days worth of time, by the way. I haven't written that much that fast in a while. It's nice to know that I still can, though I suspect, much like when I'm writing papers against a deadline, it was the time crunch that did it.

EDIT: A friend looked it over and it's posted. O.O
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Last night was the office Christmas party, and good God, I have no tolerance left. [ profile] brumeier can attest to this from Chicago, but some of my coworkers had yet to see what I'm like when allowed to get near rum. Thankfully, they all found it funny and we had a great time; my secret santa present came from one of the kids whom I adore and was very thoughtful, and everyone was cooing over the small lucky kitty that she got for me. Unfortunately it is down in the car still, along with my make up. :/ Hopefully my BB cream & primer aren't rock solid.

I did get a ton of compliments on my outfit and make-up. Working with animals everyday, my look is normally scrubs, sneakers, hair thrown on my head in a bun. If I'm up early, contacts instead of glasses. If I'm up super early, maybe something fun with my hair and a little eyeliner and mascara. I just don't see the point to doing foundation and all the fun stuff when I'm going to be sweating and running around--my patients don't care if my skintone is an even matte--so the party was a nice change from the norm, since I really do enjoy wearing make up. I'm no good with the contouring trend and I prefer the no-makeup look, admittedly, but it's fun now and then to get dressed up.

God, I sound like I have no life. I have friends and I go out, really. :p

Anyway, I got home late and pretty much just fell into bed, so I've spent almost all of today working on fic. I'm up to roughly 1800 words and about two-thirds of the way done. If I keep up the pace I should finish it out tonight and then hopefully I can ask someone to do a beta. I wish I'd been able to work this story from the start of the challenge/event, but I'm enjoying it and hopefully others will too.
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So I have my SGA Secret Santa fic written, it's done and beta'd and pretty. I go to post it on AO3 and re-read the e-mail that I've read a couple dozen times now with my assignment...

And discover there's a dislike in there that I may have crossed the line into. TBH, I don't know since it's a term I've never even seen before.

Now I'm panicking because the end of posting is the 21st. I have 1 week left. Do I post it and hope I didn't fuck up or do I buckle down and write something entirely new, praying the entire time that I can find a beta again? I don't know.


This is what happens when Aivix reads the damned email, gets an idea, and runs a marathon with it. It goes off the rails.

*sigh* I'm gonna go contact a mod.
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When you're exhausted, at least. Everyday has pretty much been an exercise in how much I can do before I collapse for the night, but I'm in the home stretch of finishing out my diploma so I'm trying not to get upset about how little time I've got for anything else right now. See friends? Nope, homework. Do some writing? Nope, homework. Go to a play with my family? Okay, but then homework.

Of course, I did get to go to Chicago Con, so there was a bright spot. The post for that is still to be done (oops), but, well, I met several awesome people and got to get pictures and autographs from some of my favorite actors from the franchise. Kind of sad that it was the last one, but I'm hoping it was the last one the way some of the older bands have farewell tours. I might go to the con in Vancouver next year though.

I signed up for the SGA Secret Santa this year and have been trying to come up with an idea for my giftee based off their wants. I think I finally hit on one, though I did think it up while under the influence of a rum and coke so we'll see if in a week I'm moaning about stupidity and what was I thinking? Hopefully it'll be good though since I don't have anything else that would fit. Anyone else on my flist doing it this year? Just curious where people are writing wise.

Related to writing, I've got about a dozen open tabs with prompts from [ profile] comment_fic and four for [ profile] avengerkink. I'm a day behind on posts for the former too, so I'm praying that I can catch up on Wednesday when I get a day off from work. I'd like to have a day to get some of these prompts off my screen, so fingers crossed, I can get ahead on homework in the morning and can devote the rest of the day to writing. (TBH, I might just bring my computer to work Monday & Tuesday and write on my lunch break too. It's a bit strange when I do that though--I'm always paranoid my boss is going to walk over while I'm writing something dirty. I will be able to reply to the comments I've been left, however, so there's a plus.)

So close!

21 Sep 2016 09:13 pm
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We are t-minus 5 hours until I need to be awake again in order to get to the airport for Chicago Con and what am I doing? I'm finally getting the chance to go on LJ.

This semester is wiping the floor with me: Med Care and Nursing are okay, but Pathology is just kicking my ass from one side of the room to another. I'm a terrible visual learner-I need to have my hands on something to really understand-and Path is all "What cell is this? What stage of estrus is this? If you have more than 50% Leukocytes on a slide, what does it indicate?" and damned if I'm not having just a lovely time with that. /sarcasm I just keep reminding myself that I only have one semester left after this.

Thankfully, this weekend will be a chance to relax and unwind a little, though I might do a little homework while I'm there just to try to keep ahead of the curve. I'm bringing my copy of the crowdfunded SGA comicbook for everyone to sign, K is bringing her S1 Official Companion, and we're planning to purchase a few more photo tickets and autographs when we get down. Ahhh, so excited!

I'm also hoping that unwinding means I can get some writing done since that has quite honestly stopped since Pathology really got going. I have several unfinished fills for [ profile] comment_fic and a 3-part story I started in November of '15 that is only half done.
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My best friend had her daughter last week, 7lbs 4oz, and the quietest baby I've ever met. She even beats her brother, who barely ever made a peep! Almost makes me wish I had kids of my own. Almost.

But that's part of why I haven't been around the last few days: Baby D was born 2:32am and less than 12 hours later, D had to have a transfusion as her hematocrit had dropped to 5%. (The threshold in people and animals for transfusion is 12%, normal can be up to 50% depending on several factors including gender.) So I've been spending a lot of time with D and baby D, trying to help her out as best I can.

The other thing that's had me tied in knots this week... school. Thank God, this semester is over.

Grades are posted tomorrow, but I already know that I got A's and B's in everything. I swear, if I had booze, I'd celebrate it until I had alcohol poisoning. I don't think I've ever had this much anxiety from schoolwork before. But then, when I was younger, I could have given 2 fucks about my grades, while now I want those A's and I work my ass off for them. I want my GPA as high as I can get it and I like being able to say that I'm an A student where growing up, my teachers considered me a top student despite my sometimes terrible grades.

That said, my next semester starts August 22nd, so I only have 2 weeks to laze around and enjoy my break. I intend to make the most of it, though: I have prompts to work on, craft projects to finish, and fish tank maintenance to take care of. I'm hoping to do a lot of the first on the list since I haven't even had time this last week to do more than peruse the prompts on [ profile] comment_fic and post a few via the lj app when the boss wasn't looking, and I have several ideas for the various universes that I'd really like to get on the screen.
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Is it possible to feel one's brain oozing out of their ears? If so, huh, I wondered what that feeling was. If not, I might be losing what few braincells I have left.

Thankfully, though, I only have a few days more for videotaping for school and then my brain might resume acting like a brain and form rational thought. Because I honestly feel like I make no sense lately, and has been making me trash a lot of writing out of terror that it sounds idiotic.

I have told myself that I need to do more writing and aim to write at least one fill a day on any of the memes/comment communities. I haven't met that goal every day but I feel like I'm back more toward where I was at the beginning of the month before school took over every nook and cranny of my life. And I have gotten some writing done on the SGA AU fic I've been working on for almost a year, so that's a win. (Seriously, I've got part one of a three-part fic completed, but the second has me stalled while I try to figure out how to modify a ha'tak engine.

Now I feel like a fucking ultranerd.)

Also, dyed my hair a very vibrant purple instead of my usual darker tone and oh my god, no. I look no unlike some sort of party balloon. It's a little bit sad because I loved the color, too, until it was on my own head. Teach me to change from the norm!
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What I Should Be Doing: Homework. Or, alternately, filling a couple of prompts I've been hoarding.

What I Am Doing: Watching The Martian under the cooling breeze of my AC.

Because when the clinic AC is on the fritz and the entirety of the staff is sweltering at ~85 degrees in the middle of the closed-in treatment room, coming home to an equally hot apartment is more than this girl can handle. I do honestly try to not use the AC before mid-June/early-July, but I caved today and asked Dad to help me get the unit in the window.

The installation is just in time to make sure my cats don't bake while I'm gone for the weekend--Florida bound for the birthday--since apparently, we have a heat wave. I know it's always hot as hell over Memorial Day weekend but it was 83 degrees in my door-closed, black-out-curtains-closed 200sq studio apartment at 6pm. Which also makes me worry about how hot it's going to be at the condo. :/ A secret: I hate snow, but I hate humidity even more and when combined with the high temps down there, I have a feeling that I'll be spending a lot of the weekend in a pool or in air conditioned places.

At least, if I'm inside, though, I'm likely to have my laptop with me and able to do some writing. In between more homework.

One day I'll be done with school. One day.
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I spent the weekend with friends from college and discovered something: I am seriously a computer addict. My best friend's house in NH has terrible wifi so I could get on for about five minutes and then the wifi crapped out and I couldn't log back on. I swear I had the fucking shakes: her husband actually asked if I was all right when I wouldn't put my cellphone down to eat. Thankfully, I got to my other close friend's house in MA on Sunday and we both spent the rest of the day on our laptops, keys clicking away while we wrote.

On the upside, the reference file for Foiled by Thermodynamics (Or, SGA the NASA Universe) is all nicely updated. I need to add a few more things, but most of it is now safely saved onto my HD for quick look-up of info.

I got home today though. It was nice to crawl into bed with the laptop and nap after the horror driving was to get from Western Mass to the Hudson Valley in NY. (Seriously, I went to college in Central MA and thank God my MA/NH friends taught me to drive because holy fuck. The only plow I saw the entire 2 1/2 hours I was on the road was stopped in the middle of the road.) And now I'm sitting here playing with the FbT and Long Road to Wisdom (SGA Lifeline AU) master posts--making sure everything is linked and the posts are not difficult to navigate--and hunting for prompts on [ profile] comment_fic.

Hopefully I can ignore the fact that there is snow outside my window for a few more hours.


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