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I got home tonight after a relatively decent day--three cats in the kennel, but 2 are post-spays and docile enough to handle; 1 is a medical case and I've been calling him an angry panther--to realize that this morning's poke in the eye might actually be an abrasion. My eye hurts and I just want to keep rubbing it, so hopefully if it's not ragingly painful in the AM, I can snatch a bottle of triple antibiotic eye drops from our supply and give a rest from the contacts for a few days.

I was actually looking for my slightly older bottle of triple drops when I discovered that one of the cats peed on a towel I'd left on the floor in the bathroom. This normally would have been an annoyance, but it was a towel that has intermittent white stripes and they were decidedly pinkish/red so someone has bloody pee. Given that they're both acting a little clingy it's hard to judge who it was; I may end up bringing both of them to work tomorrow, God help me. O.O

[ profile] comment_fic has had a few prompts that have revived the Raising Sons & Vivat Rex AUs. Foiled by Thermodynamics even had another fill to it, though I'm not anticipating as much added to that as the others. I added them to the Master Posts, and spent part of last night uploading Vivat Rex to AO3. While the MP for that one is in timeline order, the AO3 is chaptered by the dates I wrote/posted each one. I'm torn about doing the same for Raising Sons.

The Prompts List for Romancing McShep is up. Yay! I'm looking forward to browsing through this year's suggestions to see if I can come up with something more than my 007 AU idea. I'd like something more Canon-compliant since I know AUs are not everyone's cup of tea. (I personally blame the Harlequin challenge from years and years ago for my love of the genre. Because seriously, there was a fic where John was a horse rancher and Rodney was a vet and I still think about it.)

Also on my mind: an SG kink meme. I'm contemplating starting one up because Kink Memes are what kept me writing after I left SGA fandom and I still adore them. ST, Thor, Avengers... I enjoyed every interaction I had on them, good and bad, and continue to fill prompts on the Avengers one when I get the urge. If I decide to pursue it, I'll definitely be doing an interest post first--I tried running an SG KM years ago (the comm might still be on LJ, actually. It is. I deleted the fucking mod account and never transferred ownership. I wonder how I go about reclaiming it since the mod account was purged. :/ ) but I don't think we got more than a handful of fills.
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While I'm not ready (in any way) for this semester to start, it's a good thing I'm getting back into the thick of it. One of my coworkers fractured her elbow and has been unable to do much with her arm because of the pain (why do human doctors give us ibuprofen and think that's enough?), so I've been getting plenty of training in as I've had to be tech and assistant. There was one day that I was putting IV catheters in every patient since our other tech was tied up with a dental, another where I was drawing blood like a champ. And tomorrow I'll be doing anything and everything that I'm comfortable with as we've got a too-full procedure schedule.

Downside: I've had a headache for 36 hours and neither NSAIDs nor my migraine meds have done more than take the edge off. Hopefully, this won't interfere too much.

My Skyfall kick is seeming to turn into a bit of remembering why I loved Bond/Q. I've rewatched the movie a few times now and been going through various rec lists of fic. I don't feel like I have a good grip on Bond's character, so I don't know if I'll be writing any. But, well, it's possible that I may have few thoughts on fusing elements into an AU with one of the fandoms I'm vastly more comfortable with. We'll see.

I discovered a community on DW similar to [ profile] comment_fic called [community profile] fic_promptly. I figure if I'm going to broaden my horizons with the journal sites, I might as well try to find comms I'm interested in hanging out at fic-wise. If only there were more kink memes.
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Hello and welcome to the new friends I've made on DW & LJ. :D Now that my extra long work week is over, I can get my 2017 "Post & Comment More" goal moving along.

Well, since I mentioned my long week, I am exhausted and glad it's over as it was capped off by the deluge of snow that I hadn't even known we were getting: I drove home at the tail-end of it, but the roads were terrible. I never made it above 30mph or 3rd gear, but thankfully I have snow tires on the Revenge or I would likely have been steering a sled instead of a car. It was worth it though to finish out my Saturday getting to experience a power outage at the bar with my friend A.

I expect this week isn't going to be too great either, but improved upon: our ultrasound that broke on Tuesday is expected to be fixed Monday (fingers crossed), our new surgical sink was installed with about twenty minutes to spare before we had to get Surgery set up for a procedure, and we may have figured out why the boiler is erroring and not warming the building/water. The staff is back from a rotation of vacation time too. If we're lucky, nothing else will break for a few days and we can get ourselves organized, restocked, and back on the rails.

That said, we currently have 3 patients in the kennel, all cats. Two have kidney failure, one has pancreatitis, and no one wants to eat. I'm hoping to find at least a few empty bowls when I get into work at 7am, although I'm not expecting it. I might stop at the grocery store on the way in to pick up some different flavors/textures of foods for them.

I did get a few fills written for prompts on [ profile] comment_fic on the nights I didn't get home and fall right into bed:
• Stargate Multiverse Hogwarts AU: Rival Quidditch captains
• Stargate Multiverse Deaged AU: "Do you ever take a moment and look up at the stars and think about your life and just how stupid you are?"
• NCIS Post-Plague AU: Caught outside on a cold, blustery day

I have a few prompts open to work on tonight, including an sQ/SGA fill. Admittedly, I made the mistake of reading some Skyfall Bond/Q fic earlier while setting up an e-reader with epubs from AO3, so it's possible that I might end up writing some of that instead.
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I have worked at the clinic for 8 1/2 years. In that time, we have never gotten Christmas gifts from my boss. Not that I ever expected one or felt I deserved one--I'm happy to have a job and a boss that says thank you now and then.

And then today my boss walks around handing out gift bags. My coworker and I looked at each other and immediately looked at what we got, looked at each other, and were flabbergasted.

200$ gift cards to Amazon.

A mug I would have expected given how coffee & tea addicted we all are or a small bag of Lindt or Ghiradelli since we're also chocolate addicted. Hell, 50$ for us to use buying a pair of scrubs. But 200$? He was hugged by everyone and thanked profusely, of course, and it was a wonderful surprise after a long day where we didn't leave until more than an hour after closing time.

Now I'm sitting in bed, tired but not enough to sleep which is a problem given how I need to be awake in a few hours to fly, and staring at my Amazon wishlists.
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Holidays are always bad at work, let me say that right off the bat. Vomiting, diarrhea, foreign bodies, and pancreatitis are EXTREMELY common after July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This week, though, I think people started early because it's been pure hell: shortstaffed (understandably) with one vet out some days with her sick newborn, three of our well-known/favorite patients diagnosed with incurable cancers (fucking squamous cell & osteo), and craziness as our vets cram as many patients into their already tight schedules.

We're closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year which I'm sure is why we're getting the panicked phone calls and angry ones too. As a note, if you ask an office to mail you a prescription because your pet is on a controlled substance medication, don't call the week of Christmas and expect it to be at your door within 48 hours. We cannot control the USPS' delivery on a good day and this is the worst week of the year for letter and package delivery. Please, also, do not wait until you've got two days of pills left to ask for a refill.

Cut for a grim reality of veterinary clinics. )

But, Ladies and Gents, never let it be said that vet staff don't rise to the occasion, because we were all in good moods today. For all the insanity, we were cracking "That's what she said" jokes, smiling, and got procedures finished by 4pm. Which is pretty awesome considering that there are days when we absolutely hate each other and they're normally on days like these. Blessing of the season, I guess.

Thankfully I start vacation 5pm tomorrow and Florida will be a 2 hour 30 minute flight away Saturday morning. The Mouse is calling me to Orlando, where the temperatures have been so much better than here. Mom even used the DVC points for two nights in Bay Lake Tower, where I will be bringing a bath bomb from LUSH to relax with because jacuzzi tub. I might even bring the laptop into the bathroom with me and pull a Rodney. Okay, not really--the laptop was 750$ and I'm a klutz.

Happy holidays to all. :)
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Last night was the office Christmas party, and good God, I have no tolerance left. [ profile] brumeier can attest to this from Chicago, but some of my coworkers had yet to see what I'm like when allowed to get near rum. Thankfully, they all found it funny and we had a great time; my secret santa present came from one of the kids whom I adore and was very thoughtful, and everyone was cooing over the small lucky kitty that she got for me. Unfortunately it is down in the car still, along with my make up. :/ Hopefully my BB cream & primer aren't rock solid.

I did get a ton of compliments on my outfit and make-up. Working with animals everyday, my look is normally scrubs, sneakers, hair thrown on my head in a bun. If I'm up early, contacts instead of glasses. If I'm up super early, maybe something fun with my hair and a little eyeliner and mascara. I just don't see the point to doing foundation and all the fun stuff when I'm going to be sweating and running around--my patients don't care if my skintone is an even matte--so the party was a nice change from the norm, since I really do enjoy wearing make up. I'm no good with the contouring trend and I prefer the no-makeup look, admittedly, but it's fun now and then to get dressed up.

God, I sound like I have no life. I have friends and I go out, really. :p

Anyway, I got home late and pretty much just fell into bed, so I've spent almost all of today working on fic. I'm up to roughly 1800 words and about two-thirds of the way done. If I keep up the pace I should finish it out tonight and then hopefully I can ask someone to do a beta. I wish I'd been able to work this story from the start of the challenge/event, but I'm enjoying it and hopefully others will too.
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I've lost my mind to school. :/ This semester is a little more daunting than previously as I must now start videotaping myself to send back to my instructors. (My program is a long-distance one--all my hands-on learning is done at my workplace with online classes for lecture.)

Seriously, I have prompts open and a word document, but I start to write something and "VIDEO IS DUE JULY 8TH" pops into my head. Which has actually led me to go to work after hours to do homework and start doing the videos that don't require a live patient or someone to help me.

So, um, yeah, if I'm around, but not filling/writing/posting much, it's school murdering my brain.
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Nothing like a coworker making you feel useless, in the way, and a bother to ruin your day.

So very thankful that one isn't on tomorrow when I have to do schoolwork for my proctor. I'd have a fucking meltdown with the comments she makes.

Long Day

13 May 2016 07:16 pm
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Anyone who works in an animal hospital will admit you get favorites. Some of them we've known since babies, some are older and sick and we see them every week. This one I saw only a few times, but since I have a soft spot for Maine Coon cats, he weaseled his way into my heart. Sick for weeks, W came in for vomiting and not doing right, had some diagnostics, and went home with meds and instructions to call if he didn't get better.

I'm sure it's obvious that he didn't get better. In fact, he got much worse: a 17+ pound cat that had been 20+ in his hay-day was down to 14 and severely dehydrated. His x-rays showed air in his stomach, intestines, and body cavity; everyone worried he had a penetrating foreign body. His owners okay'd exploratory surgery in the hopes that we could find something repairable and we went in at 10:15 this morning.

Graphic Surgical Photos )

His stomach was like a large balloon, as were sections of his bowel; a tumor had formed that, to resect, would have left him with half a stomach and missing a section of bowel. The tumor itself had ruptured, leaving a hole in the stomach that leaked air and fluid into his body cavity. Nodules all over his liver meant the cancer had already metastasized.

The owners came down and said goodbye, and we put him to sleep without ever waking him up.

*sigh* Days like this just fucking suck.

F. M. L.

31 Mar 2016 09:21 pm
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Today, I fainted in surgery. In front of my boss. And my preceptor.

THIS IS MY LIFE. *facepalms repeatedly*
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Instead I'm sitting here, trying to get a few words down on my WiPs while John and Rodney go NASA in my head. It's nearly 7. I still need to get dressed, pack lunch, and feed the 'rent's cats since they're away.

Is it bad to call in late to work because you got distracted by fictional characters?
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Today was another nuts day at work. Somehow a third dental managed to sneak in on a day when there's only supposed to be 2 scheduled, and the last one was on the table until 4pm having his teeth cleaned and his jaw wired. And then I ducked out after my office manager yelled at me for something that someone else was supposed to do. Happy Tuesday! I'm glad I splurged and got the girls to order lunch from the good Latin place nearby.

I spent half my break on the lunch-room couch trying to get some more fleshing down for the ABO and Rationing/Starving Atlantis AUs I've been working on. Unfortunately, no real progress there, as my brain got stuck on a Catalyst Verse re-telling of Last Man/Search & Rescue, that'll eventually somehow lead to a sex swing. My brain really is an interesting place to live sometimes. I'll try working on it tonight and tomorrow, in between researching all things Canis for the ABO fic. Hopefully I can get some more fic completed before I leave for Florida this weekend.
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Most people celebrate Fridays. I dread them.

Fridays at the animal hospital are a bit like playing russian roulette: you can walk in to an empty kennel, a half-filled schedule, and a full staff, OR you can walk in to a full kennel, a full schedule, and not enough staff. Today I was blasted with the latter and I ended up working the treatment room in a dark blue button down with oatmeal leggings and furry brown boots because I was supposed to be on reception. Not a complaint because I love being in the treatment room, but fuck those boots are not meant for standing/running/being in surgery with for nine and half hours straight. I'm definitely going to be stashing a pair of old sneakers with insoles at work from now on.

I was able to do my first cysto today though so that was freaking awesome. One more thing to tick off for school. And one of our vets had me helping her with bladder surgery. <3

I'm still wavering on posting the Autistic!John/Autistic!Rodney story I wrote the other day. I drew from mine and my brother's lives to write some parts and I think it makes it a little more close to my heart. It's also a bit of a different format than I've ever written before, not sure how it'll read. I'm not sure at all if I'll post it or if I'll start posting parts of Morituri te Salutant that's been sitting on my HD. I'll see how I feel in the morning.


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