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The last month... wow. In the last four weeks:

1. I found out I failed a video for one of my classes and had to withdraw or take an F. I withdrew to save from tanking my GPA.

Doing a distance program (don't know if I've mentioned that in the past), I have to videotape myself doing specific AVMA indicated tasks to prove I can do them. The major problem being... we don't do several of these tasks at my facility, like, oh, incubating agar plates or cross-matching blood. The first time I did most of them was FOR the video which is definitely not the best. I still worked my ass off for it, getting sick halfway through the tasks and had to wear a mask to avoid vomiting when working with cat poop. I am not looking forward to doing them all again this summer, but at least I got some practice at it and some direction from the professor.

2. I worked my ass off on a major project plus video for Radiology and this one, I passed. I got an 85% and wish I'd gotten better, but I know part of my problem is collimating. I also was working with cats and for those who have not had a cat or do not know what cats are like, my cats who I have had since they were 4 week old kittens, who will let me handpill them--I can stick my fingers in their throats if I have to--and do things like give them injections and pretty much string them up by the toes, were fighting me tooth, claw, and scream to not be put on their side for a MINUTE. Seriously, I might have to upload the video of Ianto screaming like I was killing him.

So, 85%, but I accept my faults and I really can't get too upset because I passed. (Okay, I can because I am kind of Type A when it comes to my schoolwork.)

3. And now I'm sick again. After 2 visits to Urgent Care, Wednesday & this morning, I finally feeling better. I was told at the first visit that it was just an upper respiratory, even though I thought I had bronchitis; he gave me some prescription cough suppressant pills and told me to rest and keep up on fluids. I added in lysine, set up my humidifier, and tried to get more sleep. I got worse instead and nearly went to the ER last night, so today went back.

I have bronchitis, made worse by an asthma attack I didn't realize I was having, and now my ears are in on the game. I walked into the exam room with an SPO2 of 92% and they immediately gave me a nebulizer treatment followed by chest x-rays, a steroid shot, and then called in prescriptions for more steroids and antibiotics. I bought a second humidifier, this one a warm mist, and around 5:30 tonight after my 2nd shower today, I actually feel human.

Now that I can sit up and not want to pass out because I can't oxygenate, I'm holding off on studying for finals until Sunday and playing video games and writing instead. I've got 11 prompts open in tabs and I'd like to fill at least three or four tomorrow. I did start on one kink prompt I've been percolating over, so that might be posted in a little while.

Tonight, however, I'm watching some old MasterChef episodes and then playing a few more levels of Lego Marvel Superheroes or starting Mass Effect Andromeda.

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1 Jan 2017 06:09 pm
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I'm home from Florida and back in 40 degree temps, much to my chagrin. That said, I am exhausted like I've never been before: our plan had been to leave FL on a 7:55pm flight or the 9:50pm if we couldn't make the earlier one. (Mom works for an airline so we're able to move from flight to flight if needed.) Well, we didn't realize as we cleaned up the condo and packed up our stuff, that both flights were delayed. We didn't get on a plane until after 12 (Airport New Year), we weren't in the air until 1am. Unfortunately that meant we didn't get home until around 4:30, and while I slept until 11:30, I still feel wiped out.

Which is probably why I've been unable to focus on things for more than a few minutes at a time. I've been looking at prompts on [ profile] comment_fic, but stringing words together coherently isn't happening. I did post a fill (yesterday? Friday?) that was NASA AU here that I need to get onto today's lonely prompts post, though I always feel silly posting one lone fill.

I did manage sit down and (at intervals) read Secret Ingredient, which was my gift from [ profile] sga_secretsanta this year. It's a Kitchen Confidental (Movie, 2007) AU, with Rodney, John, and Madison. It seriously made my day. If you haven't read it yet, I really cannot recommend it highly enough.
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Holidays are always bad at work, let me say that right off the bat. Vomiting, diarrhea, foreign bodies, and pancreatitis are EXTREMELY common after July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This week, though, I think people started early because it's been pure hell: shortstaffed (understandably) with one vet out some days with her sick newborn, three of our well-known/favorite patients diagnosed with incurable cancers (fucking squamous cell & osteo), and craziness as our vets cram as many patients into their already tight schedules.

We're closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year which I'm sure is why we're getting the panicked phone calls and angry ones too. As a note, if you ask an office to mail you a prescription because your pet is on a controlled substance medication, don't call the week of Christmas and expect it to be at your door within 48 hours. We cannot control the USPS' delivery on a good day and this is the worst week of the year for letter and package delivery. Please, also, do not wait until you've got two days of pills left to ask for a refill.

Cut for a grim reality of veterinary clinics. )

But, Ladies and Gents, never let it be said that vet staff don't rise to the occasion, because we were all in good moods today. For all the insanity, we were cracking "That's what she said" jokes, smiling, and got procedures finished by 4pm. Which is pretty awesome considering that there are days when we absolutely hate each other and they're normally on days like these. Blessing of the season, I guess.

Thankfully I start vacation 5pm tomorrow and Florida will be a 2 hour 30 minute flight away Saturday morning. The Mouse is calling me to Orlando, where the temperatures have been so much better than here. Mom even used the DVC points for two nights in Bay Lake Tower, where I will be bringing a bath bomb from LUSH to relax with because jacuzzi tub. I might even bring the laptop into the bathroom with me and pull a Rodney. Okay, not really--the laptop was 750$ and I'm a klutz.

Happy holidays to all. :)
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When you're exhausted, at least. Everyday has pretty much been an exercise in how much I can do before I collapse for the night, but I'm in the home stretch of finishing out my diploma so I'm trying not to get upset about how little time I've got for anything else right now. See friends? Nope, homework. Do some writing? Nope, homework. Go to a play with my family? Okay, but then homework.

Of course, I did get to go to Chicago Con, so there was a bright spot. The post for that is still to be done (oops), but, well, I met several awesome people and got to get pictures and autographs from some of my favorite actors from the franchise. Kind of sad that it was the last one, but I'm hoping it was the last one the way some of the older bands have farewell tours. I might go to the con in Vancouver next year though.

I signed up for the SGA Secret Santa this year and have been trying to come up with an idea for my giftee based off their wants. I think I finally hit on one, though I did think it up while under the influence of a rum and coke so we'll see if in a week I'm moaning about stupidity and what was I thinking? Hopefully it'll be good though since I don't have anything else that would fit. Anyone else on my flist doing it this year? Just curious where people are writing wise.

Related to writing, I've got about a dozen open tabs with prompts from [ profile] comment_fic and four for [ profile] avengerkink. I'm a day behind on posts for the former too, so I'm praying that I can catch up on Wednesday when I get a day off from work. I'd like to have a day to get some of these prompts off my screen, so fingers crossed, I can get ahead on homework in the morning and can devote the rest of the day to writing. (TBH, I might just bring my computer to work Monday & Tuesday and write on my lunch break too. It's a bit strange when I do that though--I'm always paranoid my boss is going to walk over while I'm writing something dirty. I will be able to reply to the comments I've been left, however, so there's a plus.)
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Is it possible to feel one's brain oozing out of their ears? If so, huh, I wondered what that feeling was. If not, I might be losing what few braincells I have left.

Thankfully, though, I only have a few days more for videotaping for school and then my brain might resume acting like a brain and form rational thought. Because I honestly feel like I make no sense lately, and has been making me trash a lot of writing out of terror that it sounds idiotic.

I have told myself that I need to do more writing and aim to write at least one fill a day on any of the memes/comment communities. I haven't met that goal every day but I feel like I'm back more toward where I was at the beginning of the month before school took over every nook and cranny of my life. And I have gotten some writing done on the SGA AU fic I've been working on for almost a year, so that's a win. (Seriously, I've got part one of a three-part fic completed, but the second has me stalled while I try to figure out how to modify a ha'tak engine.

Now I feel like a fucking ultranerd.)

Also, dyed my hair a very vibrant purple instead of my usual darker tone and oh my god, no. I look no unlike some sort of party balloon. It's a little bit sad because I loved the color, too, until it was on my own head. Teach me to change from the norm!
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What I Should Be Doing: Homework. Or, alternately, filling a couple of prompts I've been hoarding.

What I Am Doing: Watching The Martian under the cooling breeze of my AC.

Because when the clinic AC is on the fritz and the entirety of the staff is sweltering at ~85 degrees in the middle of the closed-in treatment room, coming home to an equally hot apartment is more than this girl can handle. I do honestly try to not use the AC before mid-June/early-July, but I caved today and asked Dad to help me get the unit in the window.

The installation is just in time to make sure my cats don't bake while I'm gone for the weekend--Florida bound for the birthday--since apparently, we have a heat wave. I know it's always hot as hell over Memorial Day weekend but it was 83 degrees in my door-closed, black-out-curtains-closed 200sq studio apartment at 6pm. Which also makes me worry about how hot it's going to be at the condo. :/ A secret: I hate snow, but I hate humidity even more and when combined with the high temps down there, I have a feeling that I'll be spending a lot of the weekend in a pool or in air conditioned places.

At least, if I'm inside, though, I'm likely to have my laptop with me and able to do some writing. In between more homework.

One day I'll be done with school. One day.
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That wonderful moment when I hear my cat slide across the kitchen floor to bash into the stove and/or sink cabinets and immediately think, "Fucking mice."

You'd think with the ones I get OUT of the house, one would go back to the colony saying, "Dude, there is a big ass cat in there that stalked me for two days! And the other cat has no eyes! Stay away from there!" but no. No, I just either have to get out of bed to rescue the tiny morons or clean up their bodies if Ianto kills them while I'm asleep.

*sigh* I just have to remind myself that mousing is an instinct, because I certainly didn't teach him that behavior and I know mama cat didn't either.

Side note: It's been years since I called in late to work because "my alarm didn't go off", but I nearly did it this morning because I stupidly started reading a 50K fic. Self, that is afternoon reading. Especially after not getting enough sleep last night and needing to be up early to open the clinic today!

I might have a self-control problem. :p
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I spent the weekend with friends from college and discovered something: I am seriously a computer addict. My best friend's house in NH has terrible wifi so I could get on for about five minutes and then the wifi crapped out and I couldn't log back on. I swear I had the fucking shakes: her husband actually asked if I was all right when I wouldn't put my cellphone down to eat. Thankfully, I got to my other close friend's house in MA on Sunday and we both spent the rest of the day on our laptops, keys clicking away while we wrote.

On the upside, the reference file for Foiled by Thermodynamics (Or, SGA the NASA Universe) is all nicely updated. I need to add a few more things, but most of it is now safely saved onto my HD for quick look-up of info.

I got home today though. It was nice to crawl into bed with the laptop and nap after the horror driving was to get from Western Mass to the Hudson Valley in NY. (Seriously, I went to college in Central MA and thank God my MA/NH friends taught me to drive because holy fuck. The only plow I saw the entire 2 1/2 hours I was on the road was stopped in the middle of the road.) And now I'm sitting here playing with the FbT and Long Road to Wisdom (SGA Lifeline AU) master posts--making sure everything is linked and the posts are not difficult to navigate--and hunting for prompts on [ profile] comment_fic.

Hopefully I can ignore the fact that there is snow outside my window for a few more hours.
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I should really be going to sleep now. I have to be at the clinic for 7:30 (to stop a coworker from handling a feral cat that's not RV vaccinated because she thinks the cat is "really sweet, just scared") and then I'm going to be out late since I'm meeting a friend for dinner and Batman versus Superman. So really, sleep would be a good idea.

Except I realize that it's not happening and that the anxiety that's built up over the week has now coalesced into a mad compulsion to write. I just want to sit here and work on anything and everything that I can, be they WiPs or prompts or something new.

Or, alternately, play Assassin's Creed Unity until my thumbs hurt. That seems like a good idea too.

I should probably start taking xanax 30 minutes before bedtime again, but I really don't care for how I feel in the hours after I've taken it. I start to feel dragged down and foggy, which isn't great when I'm trying to do my job plus learn things from my coworkers. Or for when I'm trying to write up my assignments for class.


21 Mar 2016 06:54 am
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Why, snow, why? It's March and I am done with you. Please go away.
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The Nephew's birthday party was today. I seriously love that kid--he's just as happy on the sofa with us playing Fallout 4 as he is running around with his cousins--and I had a good time if a little tiring because children. They also revealed the gender of the Unborn Niece. Which I called it from day one: I knew it was a girl. I may have done a dance. And was then asked to be godmother.

Seriously, I'm over the moon. My brother's death left me believing that my chance to be a godmother was long gone. My best friend and I have known each other nearly 20 years, but she has a large family and plenty of people to choose from as godparents to her children, and while she had said before that I was godmother to subsequent kids, I didn't quite believe it. I also come from that same kind of family background and there's always an expectation that those duties fall to people you are blood-related to, which is totally understandable and fine. Being asked... it gives me a tie to her and the family that I haven't had before as "D's best friend" or "Close friend of the family". It's... something I've needed, really. D & her hubby said before that I would never be an only child (as it were) because they would be my family and they keep showing to me that they are. I don't know if I will ever be able to thank them enough.

Anyway, the emotions were a little heavy for me after that, so I came home and spontaneously bought a PS4. Because that's what 30 year olds should do, randomly buy a gaming console. I blame D's husband for it since I spent part of the evening in the family room with him and D's sister's husband S playing Fallout 4. I mean, I've been saving for one for a while, squirreling away money here and there, but I'd been planning to save it as my birthday gift to myself. Instead, it will be arriving Wednesday.

Now I am off to read through [ profile] comment_fic's latest entry for prompts and hope I can get some SGA written; I've been on a The Martian binge and my head has been filled with Watney for a few days.


4 Mar 2016 08:20 pm
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Been home sick for the better part of the week, not what I wanted-I was almost into overtime-but with the way the weather's been lately, I think it surprises no one around me that I managed to catch the office virus which was then compounded by a sinus infection.

Upside, I've spent the time I wasn't passed out or puking to fill some prompts on [ profile] comment_fic and picked a new layout. I've still got to work on putting tags into the metadata, but for the most part I like it. I probably should have done some homework in there somewhere, but even at 30, I feel that puking automatically gives you a reason to procrastinate on that. I'll probably spend the weekend working on it instead. :/

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm going to spend the weekend writing fic and then cram all my homework in to Sunday afternoon. Terrifyingly I'm getting straight As and this is not the first time this semester than I'm cramming all of my homework into one evening. I think my entire collegiate career was completed in the same way.
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Came home from Florida to weather that can't decide if it wants to emulate frozen tundra or if it wants to move on to spring... this is ridiculous. Two days ago it was sweater temps and now I freeze if I walk outside. Damn you, winter. Which I say knowing that I want to move to Massachusetts. *sigh*

I fell into [ profile] comment_fic and have been watching the posts this week. I wanted to track a few of the comments (in case they were filled before I got home from work to maybe fill them myself) and realized that, oh yeah, it's a paid account feature. I had my old account for so long-and it was a paid one-that I never thought about the fact that it would be a bonus thing. So, yes, I shelled out to make my one month old LJ paid. I'm such a sucker.

On the upside, tracking feature means I now have prompts sitting in the account for me to play with. Downside, I really shouldn't be spending twenty bucks on LJ, but I did it anyway. Let's call a very early birthday present. (And a present that means I can customize my layout. Huzzah.)

I've taken a break from fic to focus on homework since Radiology and A&P are kicking my ass this semester. I swear, it's like it takes days for my brain to wrap around the simplest things: I forgot where an artery in a foot was. I feel it all the time, but putting on a BP cuff in surgery the other day, I turned the damn thing upside down. Yes, brain, that doesn't look at all moronic in front of your proctor. *facepalm repeatedly* I will get this stuff down. I will.


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