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20 May 2017 08:00 pm
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After taking the intervening time between semesters for myself, I have returned to LJ/DW and will hopefully get my butt back to writing in the next few days.

What did I do in that interim period? I went to the March for Science in NYC on a rather drizzly day and participated in a color run with my friend K; I bought a ridiculously overpriced hair dryer and dyed my hair a lovely red-violet color that my boss has yet to comment on (*snerk*). I don't know if I'll be keeping this color or going for a deeper purple, but I'm enjoying it.

I went to free comic book day up in Massachusetts with my close friend B, where several young men stared at us wide-eyed because girls were in a comic book store which entertained us to no end. I learned that day that there are, in fact, Batman Beyond comics and got some level of judgement from the guys who run the shop for purchasing 2 of the Stargate: Atlantis comics from the Kickstarter campaign. I almost left with a Hawkeye Hot Toy. Instead, I saved the money and have since started collecting some of the Aquaman merch that I find on clearance. I now have a cute little Aquaman Dorbz to sit with my Funko POP! Maui and a plush Aquaman that I will likely have to constantly steal back from the cats!

There was a trip to Florida with the niece & nephew. For the record, after 30 years, I should know better than to go into EPCOT without a water bottle: I dehydrated, overheated, and threw up on a Cast Member. The sunburn I got that day could have guided in planes and took a week to calm down enough I could throw my purse strap on it. Upside, I got to ride the new Frozen ride in Disney and can legitimately say I hate that they replaced Maelstrom with it.

My new semester starts Monday, and I'll be re-taking the class that the video didn't pass as well as emergency procedures. If I can pass it this time, I'll be on track to graduate after the fall semester. I'm crossing my fingers that I can start videotaping this week after work and have it submitted well before the due date. If I can do that, it'll give me time to correct any videos that she finds fault with.

I'm going to try to catch up on the flist, but how have you all been? :)
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So I'm chatting with one of my very close friends, K, and she starts talking about how creepy Kilgrave is. Which leads to the following conversation:
K: More along the lines that kilgraves powers is the stuff of my nightmares.
Me: You mean being able to make people cave to his will? Yep.
K: Being forced to do something against my will? Yup
Me: Imagine Rodney with that power? O.O The horror.
K: Rodney wouldn't rape someone and make them enjoy it
Me: Oh, God. Imagine *John*
Me: No not that. I mean caving to his will
K: Which... Yeah. First ep, super triggery
Me: No donuts in all of atlantis
K: Hahaha
Me: He'd have ALL THE COFFEE
K: True. I'll picture that.
Me: John would be using his *brain*

It somehow continued into me writing this:
"I need you to check this math."
"All right. Wait, Rodney are you using the Jedi Mind Trick again?"
"May. Be."
"I'm going to practice with Ronon. Comm me when you can ask for help like a big boy."

And this:
"I need my laptop."
Carson slapped the back of Rodney's head.
"Don't use that bloody Jedi trick of yours on me, Rodney."
"I wasn't!"
Carson lifted an eyebrow at him.
"But what am I going to do in the infirmary all night?!"
"What all my other patients are doing - recovering, you arse. Now sleep or Nurse Kelly is authorized to make you!"
Rodney, smartly, slid to his side and closed his eyes.

And now my brain is like, "You realize we're gonna write more of this, right?"


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