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I did 2 fills today on [ profile] comment_fic. One HP (Harry/Hermione/Draco), one SG Multiverse (Deaged AU). I've got a few more prompts I'd like to get something written for this week, plus some additional work on the 007 AU. I still need to look at the [ profile] romancingmcshep prompts for something additional to work on (also back up in case the AU does to me what Catalyst did to me last year and turns into a monster that I barely finished on time).

I've slowed down posting prompts a bit, which I blame on how tired I was last week from work. I intend to get back in the habit this week since things look like they'll be a bit better: one of our vets is on a month-long vacation to Australia & New Zealand and there's only so much covering the other two vets can do, so like as not, we'll have the opportunity to take days off/leave early. It'll give me time for the comm and for homework which I definitely will need this semester.

Follow up on cats: strawberry mint tea when sapped out of a rug onto a towel with white stripes looks like cat pee and smells just enough like it to question your sanity. Both of my terrors (boy & girl) are fine, thankfully, despite having a mama who can be tricked by tea.
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That wonderful moment when I hear my cat slide across the kitchen floor to bash into the stove and/or sink cabinets and immediately think, "Fucking mice."

You'd think with the ones I get OUT of the house, one would go back to the colony saying, "Dude, there is a big ass cat in there that stalked me for two days! And the other cat has no eyes! Stay away from there!" but no. No, I just either have to get out of bed to rescue the tiny morons or clean up their bodies if Ianto kills them while I'm asleep.

*sigh* I just have to remind myself that mousing is an instinct, because I certainly didn't teach him that behavior and I know mama cat didn't either.

Side note: It's been years since I called in late to work because "my alarm didn't go off", but I nearly did it this morning because I stupidly started reading a 50K fic. Self, that is afternoon reading. Especially after not getting enough sleep last night and needing to be up early to open the clinic today!

I might have a self-control problem. :p


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