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While I'm not ready (in any way) for this semester to start, it's a good thing I'm getting back into the thick of it. One of my coworkers fractured her elbow and has been unable to do much with her arm because of the pain (why do human doctors give us ibuprofen and think that's enough?), so I've been getting plenty of training in as I've had to be tech and assistant. There was one day that I was putting IV catheters in every patient since our other tech was tied up with a dental, another where I was drawing blood like a champ. And tomorrow I'll be doing anything and everything that I'm comfortable with as we've got a too-full procedure schedule.

Downside: I've had a headache for 36 hours and neither NSAIDs nor my migraine meds have done more than take the edge off. Hopefully, this won't interfere too much.

My Skyfall kick is seeming to turn into a bit of remembering why I loved Bond/Q. I've rewatched the movie a few times now and been going through various rec lists of fic. I don't feel like I have a good grip on Bond's character, so I don't know if I'll be writing any. But, well, it's possible that I may have few thoughts on fusing elements into an AU with one of the fandoms I'm vastly more comfortable with. We'll see.

I discovered a community on DW similar to [ profile] comment_fic called [community profile] fic_promptly. I figure if I'm going to broaden my horizons with the journal sites, I might as well try to find comms I'm interested in hanging out at fic-wise. If only there were more kink memes.
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Does anyone know of a good app/client for mobile? I've been using LJ's own app, but it obviously doesn't work for Dreamwidth and has suddenly stopped refreshing. Since I do a lot of thinking and mental writing for prompts and fic during the day (read: when it's q-word at work), the app is helpful.

And using chrome is a damn power suck.
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Hello and welcome to the new friends I've made on DW & LJ. :D Now that my extra long work week is over, I can get my 2017 "Post & Comment More" goal moving along.

Well, since I mentioned my long week, I am exhausted and glad it's over as it was capped off by the deluge of snow that I hadn't even known we were getting: I drove home at the tail-end of it, but the roads were terrible. I never made it above 30mph or 3rd gear, but thankfully I have snow tires on the Revenge or I would likely have been steering a sled instead of a car. It was worth it though to finish out my Saturday getting to experience a power outage at the bar with my friend A.

I expect this week isn't going to be too great either, but improved upon: our ultrasound that broke on Tuesday is expected to be fixed Monday (fingers crossed), our new surgical sink was installed with about twenty minutes to spare before we had to get Surgery set up for a procedure, and we may have figured out why the boiler is erroring and not warming the building/water. The staff is back from a rotation of vacation time too. If we're lucky, nothing else will break for a few days and we can get ourselves organized, restocked, and back on the rails.

That said, we currently have 3 patients in the kennel, all cats. Two have kidney failure, one has pancreatitis, and no one wants to eat. I'm hoping to find at least a few empty bowls when I get into work at 7am, although I'm not expecting it. I might stop at the grocery store on the way in to pick up some different flavors/textures of foods for them.

I did get a few fills written for prompts on [ profile] comment_fic on the nights I didn't get home and fall right into bed:
• Stargate Multiverse Hogwarts AU: Rival Quidditch captains
• Stargate Multiverse Deaged AU: "Do you ever take a moment and look up at the stars and think about your life and just how stupid you are?"
• NCIS Post-Plague AU: Caught outside on a cold, blustery day

I have a few prompts open to work on tonight, including an sQ/SGA fill. Admittedly, I made the mistake of reading some Skyfall Bond/Q fic earlier while setting up an e-reader with epubs from AO3, so it's possible that I might end up writing some of that instead.

Home & Rec

1 Jan 2017 06:09 pm
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I'm home from Florida and back in 40 degree temps, much to my chagrin. That said, I am exhausted like I've never been before: our plan had been to leave FL on a 7:55pm flight or the 9:50pm if we couldn't make the earlier one. (Mom works for an airline so we're able to move from flight to flight if needed.) Well, we didn't realize as we cleaned up the condo and packed up our stuff, that both flights were delayed. We didn't get on a plane until after 12 (Airport New Year), we weren't in the air until 1am. Unfortunately that meant we didn't get home until around 4:30, and while I slept until 11:30, I still feel wiped out.

Which is probably why I've been unable to focus on things for more than a few minutes at a time. I've been looking at prompts on [ profile] comment_fic, but stringing words together coherently isn't happening. I did post a fill (yesterday? Friday?) that was NASA AU here that I need to get onto today's lonely prompts post, though I always feel silly posting one lone fill.

I did manage sit down and (at intervals) read Secret Ingredient, which was my gift from [ profile] sga_secretsanta this year. It's a Kitchen Confidental (Movie, 2007) AU, with Rodney, John, and Madison. It seriously made my day. If you haven't read it yet, I really cannot recommend it highly enough.
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From the sound of it, everyone is starting to mirror themselves on DW in response to LJ now being hosted exclusively in Russia. I, myself, am torn on this: I feel like I should start mirroring if not shifting over to DW, but having had a DW from the time the service started up, I was always more comfortable on LJ.

I do have an account there under this user name. When I swapped accounts from my old LJ, I figured I'd give DW another try. I didn't get farther than setting up a few things and then went back to paying sole attention to LJ, mainly because I couldn't afford to pay for both services and, again, more comfortable here. I guess I'll have to look into it though, if that's where everyone is headed. :/

(This post brought to you by today's scrolling through the friends feed/[ profile] romancingmcshep poll.)
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Happy "it's between Christmas and New Years and that's all I know" week.

I set myself up with a new layout for Christmas and then realized, well, I have the time now to change it out for the new year. I should have waited for January because holy crap, LJ coding is much more difficult than I remember. I was using a layout supplied by one of the layout comms, but just modifying it to get what I wanted was like a crash course in css all over again.

At least it's mostly done and in a pretty teal & yellow (with a hint of purple) color scheme. I need to get my tags situated to the currents the way I want, but that's a battle for another day.

I've been in Florida since Christmas Eve, grateful that I was able to keep my week's vacation as planned. We stayed at Bay Lake Tower in Disney for two nights, then went home to the condo. The weather has been amazing, if a bit hot for me: I'm a girl who likes it no warmer than 75 and it's been getting up to 80-85. Still, no real rainstorms and a good breeze everyday. If hadn't just spent three hours working on the LJ & uploading pictures to FB, I'd post some here.

We've been to all 4 parks and Downtown Disney Springs, all were far more crowded than I care for. I usually am here in the off-season, when you can walk a good distance without walking into other people; I was nearly mowed down by a pre-teen pushing a stroller in Magic Kingdom last night and was stepped on in EPCOT. Animal Kingdom, likely because it was Christmas Day and everyone was waiting to get into MK, was the only one where I was able to move around without bumping into someone. But I'm always glad to be here, so I can't complain too much when I was able to get fastpasses for Toy Story Mania and Expedition Everest. (And got a cupcake from Erin McKenna's.)

I do need to go questing at the Studios for a set of Star Wars light up Mickey Ears. I've been seeing them all over and have told my family that even if I only run in, find them, purchase them, and leave, I'm happy. Seriously, they have X-Wings, TIE Fighters, and the Death Star, the nerd in me requires them.

That will likely be tonight or tomorrow, however, as someone in the house is sick. I can go out on my own, but they said they'd like to go with, so we'll see in a few hours what happens. Otherwise, that means fic. There were some awesome prompts that went up on [ profile] comment_fic's last few entries and I've got some ideas brewing.
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Title: Pre-Nuptial Biting
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Rating: Teen
Summary: When your dragon is your chaperone, your fiance might get a bit tetchy.
Notes: Alternate Universe-Steampunk, Dragons.
Additional Note: Misread a prompt on [ profile] comment_fic, this is what resulted.

Pre-Nuptial Biting )
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Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! <3
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I have worked at the clinic for 8 1/2 years. In that time, we have never gotten Christmas gifts from my boss. Not that I ever expected one or felt I deserved one--I'm happy to have a job and a boss that says thank you now and then.

And then today my boss walks around handing out gift bags. My coworker and I looked at each other and immediately looked at what we got, looked at each other, and were flabbergasted.

200$ gift cards to Amazon.

A mug I would have expected given how coffee & tea addicted we all are or a small bag of Lindt or Ghiradelli since we're also chocolate addicted. Hell, 50$ for us to use buying a pair of scrubs. But 200$? He was hugged by everyone and thanked profusely, of course, and it was a wonderful surprise after a long day where we didn't leave until more than an hour after closing time.

Now I'm sitting in bed, tired but not enough to sleep which is a problem given how I need to be awake in a few hours to fly, and staring at my Amazon wishlists.
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Holidays are always bad at work, let me say that right off the bat. Vomiting, diarrhea, foreign bodies, and pancreatitis are EXTREMELY common after July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This week, though, I think people started early because it's been pure hell: shortstaffed (understandably) with one vet out some days with her sick newborn, three of our well-known/favorite patients diagnosed with incurable cancers (fucking squamous cell & osteo), and craziness as our vets cram as many patients into their already tight schedules.

We're closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year which I'm sure is why we're getting the panicked phone calls and angry ones too. As a note, if you ask an office to mail you a prescription because your pet is on a controlled substance medication, don't call the week of Christmas and expect it to be at your door within 48 hours. We cannot control the USPS' delivery on a good day and this is the worst week of the year for letter and package delivery. Please, also, do not wait until you've got two days of pills left to ask for a refill.

Cut for a grim reality of veterinary clinics. )

But, Ladies and Gents, never let it be said that vet staff don't rise to the occasion, because we were all in good moods today. For all the insanity, we were cracking "That's what she said" jokes, smiling, and got procedures finished by 4pm. Which is pretty awesome considering that there are days when we absolutely hate each other and they're normally on days like these. Blessing of the season, I guess.

Thankfully I start vacation 5pm tomorrow and Florida will be a 2 hour 30 minute flight away Saturday morning. The Mouse is calling me to Orlando, where the temperatures have been so much better than here. Mom even used the DVC points for two nights in Bay Lake Tower, where I will be bringing a bath bomb from LUSH to relax with because jacuzzi tub. I might even bring the laptop into the bathroom with me and pull a Rodney. Okay, not really--the laptop was 750$ and I'm a klutz.

Happy holidays to all. :)
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Title: All Men Dream (But Not Equally)
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis/Stargate: SG-1
Rating: Teen
Summary: Given his daily life, recurring dreams of a hot guy weren't exactly worth mentioning.
Notes: Alternate Universe. Use of a stasis chamber & Ancient technology.
Additional Note: Written as a gift for [ profile] mific as part of the [ profile] sga_secretsanta.

All Men Dream (But Not Equally) )

Also available on AO3.


19 Dec 2016 11:28 am
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Well, I think it is. It's up to 4300-ish words, 18 pages in Google Docs, and will require a lot of coding on my part to get things formatted the way I want it.

However, I'm having a hard time stopping myself. I honestly had expected to be finished Saturday night and thought I was, but kept writing into Sunday and now, I'm still not sure. I feel like there's questions left and I'm trying to edit/write a better ending to make it all tie up nicely. I'm simply so used to writing multi-part stories that a one shot is rare and difficult for me to do without feeling like it's disjointed. I do like the plot of it though, and it gives me entirely too many ideas on how I'd continue it if it were a 'verse. (It did eat up one of my other universes though. *sadface*)

I am entirely too proud of the fact that I wrote that many words in what amounts to three days worth of time, by the way. I haven't written that much that fast in a while. It's nice to know that I still can, though I suspect, much like when I'm writing papers against a deadline, it was the time crunch that did it.

EDIT: A friend looked it over and it's posted. O.O


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